OakvilleMany people dream of owning their own home. It might be something you have been planning for years. Once you’re ready to make that investment, you want to make sure everything is structurally sound. Even if it did, down the road you may need to do maintenance on various home elements and even a garage.

To stay confident that your garage doors are safe and sound, it’s essential to get them inspected and maintained by professionals. At Dortech Garage Doors Inc., we are a leading overhead door company offering best-in-class services for commercial and residential garage door installation in Oakville. No matter, which style or material your door is made of, we know how to enhance its performance and functionality by providing the right maintenance.

What We Do?

  • Residential garage door installation
  • Commercial garage door installation
  • Overhead door repair
  • Torsion spring replacement
  • Extension spring installation
  • Opener installation & repair
  • Panel repair & alignment
  • Track alignment & lubrication
  • Garage door inspection & maintenance
  • Overhead door part replacement
  • Automatic door remote repair

When Do You Need To Call A Professional?

Garage doors are relatively simple. They go up and down over and over again, and eventually, they are doomed to fail. You might think it is easy to locate a problem and attempt to fix it, but any of the DIY repair practiced can turn out to be a costly affair. Consider calling our garage door technician in Oakville if you notice any of these repair signs:

  • The door is not opening or is stuck.
  • The opener is in need of repair.
  • Door remote is not working.
  • Broken spring or hinges.
  • Photo-eye mechanism is faulty.
  • Tracks are misaligned.
  • The foundation wall is shifting.

Whatsoever be your door model, we provide high quality emergency garage door repair in Oakville that tends to keep them running like anything. If you are living in the GTA, contact us for same day services.

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