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When it comes to choosing a garage door for your residential and commercial purpose, you have several options, and wood is among them. Wooden overhead doors add a style and class to your home and come with several benefits.

On the contrary, many people prefer aluminum, steel or other material doors. So, following is an explanation on wooden garage doors so that you can make the right decision when choosing a garage door for your premises.


  1. Customization: With wooden doors, you have limitless customization options. You can choose various kind of timber, stain or color that add a curb appeal to your home.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Being a renewable resource wood is an eco-friendly than other material for your doors. In case, a specific portion of your door gets damaged, you have the option to replace that portion rather than changing the entire door.
  3. Timeless: The wood door’s timeless charm is unmatched. From traditional to modern, rustic and classic, you can choose any that meet your home or office exterior.
  4. Strength: Wooden garage doors are considered heaviest door. These are nearly impossible to get cracks and dent.


  1. Price: Wooden overhead doors are more expensive than steel or other types of doors.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Steel doors are better insulation as compared to the wood.
  3. Maintenance: Due to harsh weather effects, you may frequently need to reapply a protective weatherstrip to your door.

Keep the pros and cons mentioned above in your mind when you are investing in the garage door. If you need professionals help to guide you in choosing the right one that meets your needs, then contact us at Dortech Garage Doors.

We have a team of professional garage door technicians in Toronto, who not only guide you selecting a right door, but also provide door services right from installation to periodic maintenance.

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