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We have remote control pretty much everything in our house. Thus, a garage door remote is really a bliss for the person in the car. With a press of a button, the garage door can open and close, almost like magic. However, a little downside is the frustration caused by it when it does not work. Reasons why your remote is not working.

Dead batteries

Your remote might be running on dead batteries. Thus, check whether it needs a change of battery. If the remote has an indicator light, it will get dimmer or not blink at all when pressed. Change the battery- it is easy!

Opener has LED bulbs

Even though they are considered as indicators of battery, there can also cause interference issues with garage remotes. Sometimes LED bulbs disrupt the signals sent to the opener. The easiest way to fix it is if you use a CFL or incandescent bulb instead of an LED bulb. 

Safety sensor issue

Safety sensors are those small boxes that are inches away from the floor on either side of the garage door. It might prevent the door from closing if there is any interference between the line of sight. Make sure to deal with your sensors with precaution. 

Obstructions on the way

If a door begins to closes but ceases and retreats, then there is something for sure blocking the way. Garage doors have a setting that asks them to change force setting, telling the system to reverse the door if any hindrance is present. Check and remove the object if you can.

Broken parts

Any broken spring or cable can hamper with the functioning of garage door, making you feel that the remote is faulty. Check if any part out of torsion, rod, cable, and drum are compromised. Repair them if you can. However, do not go overboard and end up making more mess. Call up a professional to get your work done.

Needs Reprogramming

If all the reasons fall short, then your remote might need reprogramming. Check for it and call up a professional.

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