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Be it is hot summer days, colder months of winter or other harsh weather conditions, they all can affect your garage door functions. Sometimes, your garage door gets stuck or jammed, it becomes loose, the weather strip gets damaged and the other parts of your garage like worn out.

So, here are the common tips described by the experts that can help you to keep your door in running conditions for many years to come.

5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

  • Lubricate Your Garage Door Moving Parts
    Lubricate your garage door springs, hinges, cable, roller and all other moving parts. This way, you can reduce the noise, prevent the rust and make its functions smooth.
  • Test The Hardware & Tighten Them
    As your overhead door moves several times up and down, chances are its hardware can loosen over time. However, it happens rarely, but you should inspect on time and tighten the loose parts before it cause any issue.
  • Check Your Door Balance
    When your garage door is not balanced, the opener has to work harder to operate this which may result in earlier damage. To check your door balance, you need to disconnect the opener and open the door halfway. If your door is balanced, it will be able to hold this position otherwise, you have to balance it.
  • Check The Auto-Reverse Feature
    Auto-reverse feature in your garage door is designed to prevent injury. You have to test this feature frequently. If you find your garage door is not working or it is automatically reversing, then repair it.
  • Frequently Check Door Parts
    Frequently check rollers, cable and springs. If you find these are worn out, replace them immediately.

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