13 Apr 2021

5 Reasons to Love Your Garage and Service it RegularlyIf you think that your garage is not a helpful place for you or is merely a shed for your car, then you are a bit wrong. It is time to change your philosophy about your garage. It is not only helpful or beneficial for storing your automobiles, garden machinery, or other stuff. Instead, it has far more creative and better uses and advantages to your house.

Reasons to Love Your Garage Doors

  • Your Garage door adds good value to your house
  • Your garage door protects the things you need
  • You probably go through the garage all the time
  • Neglected Garage doors can destroy your needs
  • Your Garage doors might hide dangers if you neglect the garage
  • A garage can be a lot more fun place than you think

These are some of the best reasons why you should treat your garage with love. Make sure to pay attention to all the problems that it might face. Pay heed to the doors, walls, and the security of the garage. All together contribute towards the better health of the garage. As this is another entry to your house, you have to be cautious about its security too.

A garage can be made a lot more fun by incorporating various elements to make the place more happening and vibrant. Add board games or make a place for an occasional get-together. It will add a more aesthetic look to your house.

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11 Mar 2021

Smart Hacks for Your Garage Door MaintenanceThe majority of the homeowners frequently ignore garage door maintenance; however, occasional care and support should be necessary for your daily schedule two times per year. Garage doors that are ignored can put a ton of weight on an automatic, and going through an hour or two in the late-winter and pre-winter every year may save you from a costly fix bill.

Clearing the Tracks

Review the tracks on the two sides of the way to ensure they are liberated from garbage and rust. Likewise, you can utilize a level to ensure the trails are plumb (totally vertical) along with their vertical segments. You can make little changes yourself, yet significant track changes are a task for an expert specialist.

Fix the Hardware

Since the necessary garage door goes here and there a vast number of times every year, the movement and vibration can extricate up the door and track equipment. Look at the sections holding the door tracks to the divider and roof just as the latches securing the garage door opener unit to the outlining. Utilize an attachment wrench to straighten out any free jolts you find.

Review and Replace the Rollers

The rollers along the edge of the garage door ought to be reviewed in any event double a year and supplanted each five to seven years. During your review, replace any rollers you find that are chipped, broken, or worn. The majority of the rollers can be taken out by nearly eliminating the sections holding them to the door.

Monitor the Door in Operation

Issues with your garage door and automatic opener regularly show in jerky developments and grinding, scratching sounds. A very much kept up, the all-around tuned garage door is generally tranquil as it goes all over, and you ought not to see jerkiness in its movement. You must have a look at the two sides of the door—the springs, pulleys, and links and make sure they appear to be fair and even.

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06 Jan 2021

Reasons to Hire Experienced And Professional Garage Door InstallationGarage doors are an important and the most ignored part of our home and property. Both private and business carport entryways keep going for quite a long time, making them drawn-out speculation. Thus, the choice of choosing and introducing garage doors is necessary. Whenever you have thought about various Garage doors and picked one that best suits your necessities, the time has come to submit it. It is fitting to employ experts for garage door establishment.

  1. Saves Time
    Employing experts for carport entryway establishment will save you a ton of time. These specialists have insight in introducing a wide range of private and business garage doors, making it simple for them to present any garage door impeccably and in a brief timeframe. At the point when you employ a specialist to offer your garage door, you save the time you might have utilized in agreement, gathering lastly introducing it.
  2. Master Service
    When you enlist experts to introduce private or business garage doors, you make sure to get a specialist administration. These specialists manage carport entryways consistently and will prompt you on appropriate upkeep. Furthermore, if there should be an issue during the establishment cycle, such as a wrecked spring or a missing part, they will realize what to do. At the point when you employ a specialist like Dortech Garage Doors to introduce your garage door, you can loosen up, realizing that all that will be good.
  3. Customization
    If you need to have a handcraft on your garage door, at that point, you will profit from the master establishment. Proficient garage door installers give customers a choice to modify their garage doors. With the assistance of these experts, you can get a customary overhead garage door with sectional looks.
  4. Picking a Garage Door Installation Expert
    A carport entryway, private or business, is a drawn-out venture. It is hence essential to have your carport entryway introduced effectively. While a few people decide to submit their carport entryways all alone to set aside cash, it is ideal to call experts, as it guarantees you master administration, saves you time and gives you a choice to redo.

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20 Oct 2020

How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?In this era, most of us have cars and with cars, we have garage doors too. As a car owner, it is our responsibility to take care of our car and have a well-managed garage door. This will help in maintaining the car’s health as well as save your home from possible burglars.

So, the next question is how often should we service the garage door?

Why Should You Service Your Garage Door?

First, we need to understand why should we service the garage door? It is important that you acknowledge the fact that a garage door is just another entry point to your house as well as where your car is parked once you are home. Therefore, if you have a well maintained and serviced garage door, you not only protect your car but also protect your family members from burglars.

Servicing your garage door will extend the life of it. Getting service for your garage door is almost getting yourself physically checked on a regular basis. These services diagnose and treat the troubles that your door might be facing. Moreover, the regular service makes sure that no minor problem becomes minor in the coming future. Therefore, in this process, you also save a lot of money.

How Professionals Will Service Your Door?

One of the largest moving components in your home is a Garage door. And, it is said that it is extremely dangerous to attempt to perform service and repairs all by oneself. Therefore, it is best to leave the services in the hands of the professionals or trained technicians.

The professionals have a specific checklist or a procedure to follow in order to examine and analyze the issues with the garage door. They start by using oil on the squeaky doors and track the entire health of the system. Then they further move to check the springs, cables, rollers, door sections, and panels, as well as garage door opener.

They look for possible signs that could be trouble in the near future if there is no issue right now. Therefore, you will not end up needing emergency services too.

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05 Aug 2020

Why My Garage Door Remote Is Not Working?We have remote control pretty much everything in our house. Thus, a garage door remote is really a bliss for the person in the car. With a press of a button, the garage door can open and close, almost like magic. However, a little downside is the frustration caused by it when it does not work. Reasons why your remote is not working.

Dead batteries

Your remote might be running on dead batteries. Thus, check whether it needs a change of battery. If the remote has an indicator light, it will get dimmer or not blink at all when pressed. Change the battery- it is easy!

Opener has LED bulbs

Even though they are considered as indicators of battery, there can also cause interference issues with garage remotes. Sometimes LED bulbs disrupt the signals sent to the opener. The easiest way to fix it is if you use a CFL or incandescent bulb instead of an LED bulb. 

Safety sensor issue

Safety sensors are those small boxes that are inches away from the floor on either side of the garage door. It might prevent the door from closing if there is any interference between the line of sight. Make sure to deal with your sensors with precaution. 

Obstructions on the way

If a door begins to closes but ceases and retreats, then there is something for sure blocking the way. Garage doors have a setting that asks them to change force setting, telling the system to reverse the door if any hindrance is present. Check and remove the object if you can.

Broken parts

Any broken spring or cable can hamper with the functioning of garage door, making you feel that the remote is faulty. Check if any part out of torsion, rod, cable, and drum are compromised. Repair them if you can. However, do not go overboard and end up making more mess. Call up a professional to get your work done.

Needs Reprogramming

If all the reasons fall short, then your remote might need reprogramming. Check for it and call up a professional.

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23 Jun 2020

Proven Tips to Increase the Life of your Garage Door
Maintenance is one of the hardest pieces of claiming a home. And, there’s nothing more dreadful than a garage entryway that abruptly doesn’t work properly. There are infinite approaches to keep up on your garage entryway support. On the off chance that you’d prefer to get familiar with how to keep your garage entryway running easily, underneath you can find expert tips from Dortech Garage Doors that can help you maximize the lifespan of your garage door.

Fix Hardware

Garage entryways get utilized a great deal. Regular usage can put a ton of strain on your entryway’s framework. From time to time go out into your garage and fix down the various equipment that keeps your entryway opening easily.

Fixing roller sections and rushes with attachment torques. Carport entryways experience a lot of vibration over their lifetime. Watching out for it will help it from bombing out and out.

Be Focused and Careful

A major piece of home proprietorship is exploring for things that aren’t working right. With regards to garage entryways, focusing on how the garage capacities are a fundamental piece of its support.

Whenever you utilize your garage entryway check to assure the rollers are working appropriately. In the event that you hear any kind of pounding disorder or see any authentic in the chains, that may mean your carport entryway is expected up for cleaning.

Or then again perhaps even a few fixes. You ought to likewise assure that all the mechanical parts like the pulleys, springs, and links are level with one another.

Assess and Replace the Rollers

Rollers are a fundamental piece of any garage entryway. As such they should be examined routinely. What’s more, whenever harmed, replaced altogether. Many experts recommend checking rollers two times per year. What’s more, supplanted at regular intervals. Ensure the steel or nylon isn’t worn, chipped, or broken.

Test the Balance of Your Garage Door

To work the correct way your garage entryway must be adjusted properly. This will delay its life and help confine a portion of the strain the garage door experiences in its day by day life.

Disengage the carport entryway opener. On the off chance that the garage door doesn’t remain set up that implies it isn’t adjusted suitably. Tweaking the garage entryway spring isn’t something that ought to be DIYed however.

In the event that you think your garage entryway springs are inappropriately adjusted, call a garage entryway fix organization like Dortech Garage Doors and get it fixed right away.

01 Apr 2020

Valid Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Have you at any point shifted into your carport following a monotonous day at the workplace possibly to find that your garage doorway doesn’t open when you press the button? No doubt, not a pleasant thing to need to manage! Particularly when you have no clue what turned out badly or failed.

At the point when your carport entryways quit working, it is likely because of the garage door spring breaking—an absolutely basic issue that is anything but difficult to have expertly fixed, so no stresses!

Top Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Rust Buildup

At the point when rust is formed on the garage doorway springs, it can make the springs effectively break and the existing pattern of them to be shortened. Rust causes contact on the loop and debilitates it too. You can forestall spring breakage because of rust by showering down the curl with an ointment like clockwork, which keeps it both greased up and from working up with rust.

Poor Maintenance

Wear and tear can, in the end, cause the carport entryway springs to separate. However, by performing appropriate support, you can draw out the spring’s life. The chief activity is to splash down the loop with oil, at any rate, multiple times each year. Moreover, you should examine the garage doorway balance each season. We have discovered that a great many people have spring disappointment issues in the winter, so checking it all the more as often as possible during that time is suggested.

How to Check the Garage Door Balance

Lift the garage doorway up midway and afterward let go of it. In the event that the doorway remains still without moving, at that point, the springs are appropriately working. On the off chance that the entryway tumbles down somewhat, at that point, the springs are starting to wear out and ought to be fixed soon.

Wrong Springs Used

When utilizing the wrong spring length or wire size, your carport entryway springs will probably bomb sooner than later. Effectively kept up and developed carport entryways ought to have two torsion springs, one on each side. Some carport entryway installers utilize one long spring over the entire entryway, which is adequate for littler or lighter entryways, however not the normal one.

It is smarter to utilize two springs to share the weight heap of raising and shutting the carport entryway since single ones abbreviate the existence cycle as well as will cause overwhelming harm when disappointment happens.

Dortech Garage Doors offers quality, and spring fix administrations at a reasonable cost! We ensure that we can have your carport running again right away.

22 Aug 2019

Wooden Garage DoorWhen it comes to choosing a garage door for your residential and commercial purpose, you have several options, and wood is among them. Wooden overhead doors add a style and class to your home and come with several benefits.

On the contrary, many people prefer aluminum, steel or other material doors. So, following is an explanation on wooden garage doors so that you can make the right decision when choosing a garage door for your premises.


  1. Customization: With wooden doors, you have limitless customization options. You can choose various kind of timber, stain or color that add a curb appeal to your home.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Being a renewable resource wood is an eco-friendly than other material for your doors. In case, a specific portion of your door gets damaged, you have the option to replace that portion rather than changing the entire door.
  3. Timeless: The wood door’s timeless charm is unmatched. From traditional to modern, rustic and classic, you can choose any that meet your home or office exterior.
  4. Strength: Wooden garage doors are considered heaviest door. These are nearly impossible to get cracks and dent.


  1. Price: Wooden overhead doors are more expensive than steel or other types of doors.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Steel doors are better insulation as compared to the wood.
  3. Maintenance: Due to harsh weather effects, you may frequently need to reapply a protective weatherstrip to your door.

Keep the pros and cons mentioned above in your mind when you are investing in the garage door. If you need professionals help to guide you in choosing the right one that meets your needs, then contact us at Dortech Garage Doors.

We have a team of professional garage door technicians in Toronto, who not only guide you selecting a right door, but also provide door services right from installation to periodic maintenance.

22 Jul 2019

Garage DoorLubrication to your garage door not only helps to keep the operations smooth but also extends the life of your door for many years to come. Since, most of the parts of your overhead door including hinges, tracks, springs and screws are made of metal, they need to keep lubricated.

Often when your garage door parts become dry and get jammed in the winter season, can be fixed with the lubrication. After knowing how to lubricate your overhead door, you can keep your door in working condition for a longer time.

Choose Top-Quality Lubricants

When it comes to choosing the lubricant, the non-silicone lubricants are recommended the most. It is advisable to avoid using grease as this creates stickiness that will be challenging to clean later. Moreover, it can cause debris build-up.

Garage Door Parts To Lubricate

  • Hinges: If your garage door has metal hinges start giving lubricant at the pivot points and avoid the plastic parts if it has.
  • Rollers: Inspect if your rollers feature nylon wheels and prevent the nylon material from getting lubricant.
  • Springs: The essential part of your garage door are springs that help to lift and lower your door.

How To Lubricate Your Overhead Door?

  • First of all, clean your garage door parts because debris or dust on its parts can absorb the lubricants.
  • Spray the high-quality lubricants on the various parts as mentioned above.
  • After lubrication, operate your garage door so that it can completely spread in the parts of your door.

Follow this instruction to lubricate your garage door, and if you are looking for professionals help, feel free to contact us at Dortech Garage Doors in Toronto. We offer affordable residential and commercial garage door services, including installation, repair and maintenance.

28 Jun 2019

Overhead DoorAs most of the people opt for the insulated garage doors, you must be wandering to know ‘why.’ The main reason for insulating your overhead doors is its benefits. Whether you want a garage door for your residential or commercial premises, you will be able to get several advantages with insulated overhead door.

Here are listed the top reasons why you should consider to insulate your overhead door.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
    An insulated garage door keeps your garage hot in winter and cool in summer. Thus, your heating and cooling system will not need to take more load to maintain the ideal temperature in your place. It will ultimately help in saving on cost.
  • Quieter Operations
    As compared to non-insulated doors, the insulated garage doors operate much quieter. This is because the insulation reduces the creaks and rattles as well as adds the strength of your door.
  • Improve Door Strength
    An insulated door can stand out to the constant opening and closing, and it is more resistant to damages or dents from weather, vehicles or everyday use. In addition to this, these are also resistant to rust.
  • Improve Your Home Curb Appeal
    As the insulated doors come in a wide variety of color, material and styles, you can choose the one that improves your home’s curb appeal.

So, whether you want to choose insulated overhead doors made of steel, wood, aluminum or fiberglass, we are here for you. Dortech Garage Doors. is the leading garage door services company in Toronto. We provide durable and best-in-class garage door sale, installation, repair and maintenance services.